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Master · of · Monsters

Daily Log of Sir Hellsing

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As your new minister of defense (particularly against the undead) I would like to start by assembling a list roster of those in this town who are or have previously been deceased.

I feel that by furthering my research into the matter, I can form a better hypothesis on the way that this town deals with its dead and if it is going to become dangerous.

Though I would prefer to do this as a series of interviews, I am not averse to the simple answering of a survey in electronic form:

Age at time of death:
Current age:
Cause of death:
Cause of resuscitation:
Are you or have you ever been bitten by a vampire?:

I would still prefer meeting you all in person, but presently, this will do.

* * *

Canada is cold but the damp is not as terrible as London. It also has not been raining frequently, for which I am grateful. Though the approach of December has me concerned -- Christmas has always been a family affair.

Strange, how I seem to be adapting so readily to the new surroundings. Almost immediately I have acquired a butler. Despite his sarcasm, I find him pleasant enough (though I doubt he has Walter's talent for wirework.) It is no short of a miserable situation but I am willing to concede on the grounds of fantastic tea.

There seems to be no shortage of the supernatural in Aternaville. Already I have met a woman claimed to be resurrected*, another who claims to "slay**" ghouls and freaks of vampiric nature, and a man from the history of my own country. I do not know what to make of these things but I do hope to be able to put it all together.

I would also like to invest a good amount of time into discovering what brought me to Aternaville. I have not dismissed the possibility of Millennium.^ For all I know, this could be one of the twisted plots of their insane Doctor.

Overall, I have come to realize this town is a mess. No suitable leadership. No order to speak of. I would never run Hellsing in such a haphazard fashion.

:: Sir Integral

*note: research human resurrection in capacity outside of vampiric activity
**note: research the use of this outdated term
***note: properly thank Sir Pellew for his time and friendship company.
^point of interest: inquire into the nature of Millennium in this universe.
* * *
Upon arriving, I have found this place to be far less than suitable to my needs than my London home.

Apparently because in the past couple of weeks, the city has been buried beneath a layer of rock.

This earthquake is an. . .odd sort of predicament. Earthquakes don't just happen in Canada, so I'm inclined to believe this is the result of something supernatural. Act of God, quite possibly.

Let me make clear that I do not see the benefit of posting my daily musings in a public forum. But my new butler seems to think this is a good idea. (He makes rather fantastic tea, I'm inclined to keep him.)

The flat he found for me is fitting, but small. It will need new furnishings and most definitely a new coat of paint. . .or perhaps even three coats. Or four. Really, it's a rather ungodly sight.

I have a desperate need to see London. It isn't my London, to be sure, but -- well -- I'd like to know that it still stands.

God save the Queen.
Sir Integra Hellsing
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